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Reporting Absences


If your child’s absence is NOT related to illness or doctor/dentist appointments, we ask parents to fill out the Parent Report of Extended Absence on PermissionClick at least 24 to 72 hours in advance. Link: . Examples of reasons that fit into the category of Extended Absence are family related emergencies, VISA appointments, team competitions/events, high school shadow days, and any travel due to religious ceremonies. This will give the secretaries enough time to gather as much information as possible from parents in order for the administrators to determine if the absence fits the criteria to be excused. If the absence is excusable, then the appropriate procedures will be followed to determine how many days can be excused. Please be aware that if this procedure is not followed, absences will be considered unexcused. 

ALL ABSENCES  need to be entered in the absence form which is located on Parent Square. Link: . Any doctor/dentist notes, please email them to either Ms. Kavita or Kennedy's office email. Email addresses are listed below. Submitting your child's absence through Parent Square does NOT excuse their absence. This is to inform the front office of your child's absence/tardy and the reason of absence. If the office has any questions, they will reach out to the parents. 

Absences due to illness, including a doctor/dentist's appointment during the school day, may be considered verified by a physician's verification via note, email, or fax (within 5 days of the absence in order to be marked verified). Students are encouraged to always bring a physician's note when possible if an appointment interferes with any part of a school day.

Ms. Kavita:

Kennedy's office email:

Any questions or clarification, please feel free to call our front office at (408) 253- 1525 and we would be happy to help you.