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Kennedy Middle School provides an education that supports the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students in a safe environment. Students learn and master skills that are appropriate, comprehensive, and based on state and district standards. The partnership between school and community fosters students independence and growth.

Student independence and lifelong learning will be encouraged through a committed and evolving partnership between students, parents, school, and community. Kennedy Middle School will be safe, caring, and inclusive. Academic achievement will be balanced with respect for self and others, self-discipline, and individual responsibility.

•    Responsibility is shared – education requires participation of staff, students, family, and community.
•    All students can learn – all students have potential that can be developed.
•    Rates of learning vary – the time required for mastery has no bearing on the value of the learner.
•    All students have unique skills and talents – individual abilities must be identified and nurtured.
•    High self-esteem enhances success – people develop best through sincere praise and validation.
•    School climate contributes to achievement – learning occurs best in a safe and caring environment.
•    Support systems are available – students need social, emotional, and academic guidance.
•    High expectations for success must be the norm – failure only occurs when one stops trying.
•    Trust is vital – trust bonds staff, students, family, and community.
•    Cooperation is essential – learning must encourage and teach skills which develop a cooperative attitude.
•    Respect is critical – respect for people, education, and the future serves all of us.